Anti-ageing treatments

As we get older the appearance of our skin is affected by different factors such as smoking, stress and unhealthy habits. In addition, natural aging, gravity and too much exposure to the sun also contribute to the forming of wrinkles which add years to our looks.

Nowadays many clinics (even spa’s or nail studio’s) are offering anti-wrinkle treatment, however, almost none of them have facial surgical experience and subsequently specialised knowledge about deep anatomical structures of the face. Our patients are all seen and treated by a medical doctor (with experience in reconstructive and plastic surgery). Only state-of-the art equipment and techniques are used to gain the best results and to ensure your safety. On your appointment we provide a full exam and evaluation. This is so we can discuss your goals and ideas and gain a perfect understanding of what is desired as well as what is possible, because our aim is to achieve outstanding results without being unrealistic. This treatment can be carried out after the facial analysis by our clinicians on the same day.

One of the treatment options we offer are injectables (fillers and botulinum toxin). Injectables are sometimes referred to as non-invasive or liquid facelift. These procedures have become extremely popular due to the short procedure time and virtually none (permanent) adverse effect. You can immediately go back to your activities after finishing treatments.